Here at Villa Silene we are happy to receive your pets. Avoid the stress of being separated from your animals and the inconvenience of leaving them with other people, bring them with you to your stay at villasilene, so you can enjoy with them all the space and natural beauty of the farm, they will love it!

Doggintravel visited Villa Silene.

Blogger John and the lovely Zumba paid us a visit during the course of one of their trips. Their blog is described by João as "A blog that shows the balance between man and dog. An owner's journeys can and should be shared with his dog. Come on this journey with us!" It is in his blog that he describes his travels, walks and adventures with both of them, and in his article From the Cova à Estrela she describes her time at Villa Silene ..

" [...] take Zumba to Villa Silene (Silene foetida foetida variety of flora exclusive to Serra da Estrela, gives its name to this Agrotourism project). There we were received as if we were family, and welcomed with a cheese and sausage board and homemade bread. We spent a very pleasant evening talking about the Agrotourism project developed by Dona Ana and Mr. Vítor, who invest in a sustainable and responsible project in the process of certification by Biosphere Portugal (private certification system based on the principles of sustainability, through the fulfillment of a series of requirements offers companies in the tourism area the possibility to design products and services according to a new model of non-aggressive tourism, not compromising future generations and at the same time satisfying the needs of current customers. It ensures an appropriate long-term balance between the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions of a destination). With the company of Zumba and Mini we even talked about dreams and future projects. [...]"

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Instagram beauty @ Villa Silene

This beautiful pitbull named Kai short for Kaipirinha shares her happy life on instagram @kai_thecrazymuttbull and was there in her Stories the made a point to leave registered his contentment and approval to his passage by the villa silene.

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