We have developed a series of experiences here at Villa Silene and with the help of some partners, so that you can get the most out of your stay in Beira Interior


The grape harvest experience is one of the highest moments for the guests of Villa Silene. Be part of this event and feel a bit of the atmosphere that is lived during these days, is our proposal for the harvest celebration. Come spend a day in the vineyard in a unique environment and participate from the grape picking to the wine tasting. But remember: In this farm there is a lot of grapes and little parra!

Pedagogical farm

Awaken children's curiosity and interest in animal life. In our Villa there are several species of animals: Sheep and goats, but also chickens and pony Tobias, which are part of the family and with which the children interact and feed.


Beira Baixa is a region recognized for its high quality and exclusive products, and has been gaining a lot of demand and high recognition by consumers today. [...]


A visit through the whole process of cheese production in Beira Baixa. Although it is a modern cheese dairy, there are in its know manual and traditional processes, which allows to transmit to the [...]

Bread Cycle

Come learn how to make traditional bread from flour milling to the table! Come get your hands in the dough!

Inheritance of Wool

Come be a part of our local history with a special program that we have created just for you in which you will discover where wool comes from and all the various stages of its cycle. There will be demonstrations of carding, natural dyeing and weaving

Olive Harvesting

Another one of our agricultural activities of the year! Come and participate in the olive harvest and understand the whole process until it reaches olive oil. We are counting on you?