Beira Baixa is a region recognized by its high quality and exclusive products, having been getting a lot of demand and a high recognition by the consumers nowadays.

Among several products, some stand out for their high quality, such as olive oil (PDO - Azeites da Beira Baixa), cheese (PDO - Queijos da Beira Baixa), wine (DOC Beira Interior), honey, sausages, jams and jellies, dried fruit, medronhos brandy, lúcia-lima and flor-de-carqueja tea. The quality of these products is due to the natural and environmental conditions of the region, and the know-how of the population.

Our tip is a meal based on typical starters with regional sausages (cherovia in its time), then a typical soup and as a main course the kid, so well known in the area of Serra da Estrela and finally a very regional dessert like "papas de carolo". And with this meal you will get to know the gastronomy of Serra da Estrela in its fullness.

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