The Schist Villages Network is a sustainable development project, regional in scope, created in order to preserve the culture and heritage of the rural world of the Beira region. In the municipality of Covilhã you can visit Sobral de S. Miguel, which has the old center well recovered according to the original architecture and a magnificent natural environment. In the neighboring municipality, you can go for a walk through the villages of Janeiro de Cima and visit the "Casa das Tecedeiras" that works as an interpretative center, where visitors can learn about the linen cycle and try out an ancient loom. You can also go to Janeiro de Baixo and Barroca where, besides the village itself, you can visit the rock paintings that have been well preserved over time. Here you will find the headquarters of the Association of the Schist Villages Network and a store where you can buy gourmet products and traditional and contemporary crafts.