The historic villages are 12 villages of the Interior that stood out for their historical contribution
or for their own architecture and the beauty of the region where they are located.


The Historical Villages of Portugal have in its base the urban nuclei with foundation in the Portuguese nation, located in the region of the borders and with great connection to the history. The villages are usually located in the highlands, because they are constituted in nuclei of defense of the populations and mount to the time of the military architecture, for the majority is surrounded by walls and that they were developed next to castles.
These are made of granite and schist, and preserve the history of conquests and ancient traditions accompanied by the dazzling landscapes, heritage and connection with the local community. The Historical Villages of Portugal are made up of 12 villages.
Belmonte and Sortelha that belong to the Historical Villages can be visited and there are several points of interest that will be an asset to your visit.


In Belmonte Visit the Belmonte Castle, built in the late 12th century on the Esperança hill that dominates the landscape and was part of the Alto Côa defensive line. Later, it was transformed into a fortified manor house, where Pedro Álvares Cabral lived the first years of his life. In 1500 he commanded the second armada to India, during which Brazil was officially discovered.

Belmonte has one of the oldest Jewish communities still existing in the country, attested by a synagogue dating from 1297. In Belmonte you will find the old Jewish quarter and the Jewish museum.

Let yourself be enchanted by the mysteries of the Centum Cellas Tower, a singular monument that throughout generations has aroused interest and has generated several theories about its origins and by the Roman Ruins of Quinta da Fórnea, traces of the Roman occupation in the region.

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Sortelha is one of the oldest and most beautiful villages in Portugal, having kept its urban and architectural physiognomy unchanged, being considered one of the best preserved villages. The foundations are of medieval origin and the village was reborn due to the defensive needs in this part of the territory.

Inside the castle, the Keep stands out. Below it is the cistern, which served the water supply, and a small hidden door. Around it is the wall that seems to embrace all the houses that have been growing, among huge stones.

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With its towering castle and wall surrounding the town, Sortelha still retains its typically medieval and original features.


A village highlighted by its own architecture where the rocks become the walls and roofs of some houses. At the highest point of the village there is a fence with a keep built by the Templars, which was recently used as a set in the series "House of the Dragon".


The village of Idanha-a-Velha is located where once was a Roman city, the Civitas Igaeditanorum. With the Visigoth conquest it became the Episcopal see and after the Reconquista D.Dinis offered the town to the Order of Christ. The presence of archaeological remains and heritage built throughout these ages makes the village a point of interest to visit.