Covilhã history related to wool

Covilhã is a city that lies in the heart of Portugal, and it is right here in the center-interior where a vast region lies, that wherever we look we are comforted by landscapes and its heritage with a unique value.

This inland region is characterized by magnificent breathtaking landscapes, where the mountains interconnect with the rivers and valleys. In addition, the typical villages have a simple, rustic and unique architecture.

Until the XVIII century Covilhã demarcated itself in the region of Beira Interior, being a pollinator of a dispersed production of woollen cloth, made both in domestic and handcrafted ways.

Stroll through the streets of Covilhã and observe the vestiges of various art forms, the tiles on the facade of the Church of Santa Maria, the Art Nouveau, evident in several buildings in the city and the most recent street art that has given a contemporary appearance to the buildings that have been intervened.

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