In order to reduce its ecological footprint, Villa Silene has implemented good environmental practices such as the use of sustainable design. Old furniture has been reused thus extending its useful life and preventing it from becoming trash. They were restored and then painted with chalk paint, which are non-toxic paints with very low levels of volatile products.

Low consumption light bulbs were used in the lighting and the electrical equipment is class A or higher.

For water heating we use solar thermal panels supported only when necessary by a gas boiler.

> Responsible Tourism Policy

We really care about the environment so we preferably use regional and seasonal products in order to reduce C02 emissions related to the transport of goods over long distances, but also to benefit local producers and trade.

The soap offered is handmade and made with selected products, some from our farm, alternatively we have liquid soap and shampoo dispensers to reduce the amount of waste.

We also try to reduce water consumption by encouraging our guests to reuse towels and we have installed flush toilets with flow control.

The garbage is separated and placed in the appropriate containers and with the organic waste is made compost that then fertilizes the soil of the farm.